HIPS Conductive Plastic Sheet/Roll

it is mainly applied to the packaging of electronics.Resistance value range can from 10E3–10E5.Normally semi-conductor products, high-tech electronic components need to be packed with this kind of products. Our cooperate brands are Sony, Sharp, Panasonic ,Apple, Samsung, and so on famous brand in the world.


HIPS sheet has the advantage of hardness and good extension effect when do thermoforming during past ten years.

Batfy HIPS common plastic sheet with colorful design, very competitive price and stable quality for using, we can guarantee to maintain high quality whenever you have order from us. At the mean time, We also have multiple after-service offices around the world to back with after sales services.

we can assure if any quality problem occurred , we will be responsible and do seriously after sales service.


Specification HIPS
Color Matte ,common or glossy black
Resistance 103 ~ 105 (Ω)
Width 100 ~ 2000 (mm)
Thickness 0.1 ~ 3.0 (mm)
Density 1.03 ~ 1.10 (g/cm3)

Character:it is mainly applied to the packaging of electronics.

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We are an enterprise who can research & develop productions and sell plastic sheet of HIPS, PP ,PE,PET,ABS, PVC etc products for thermoforming.

Really looking forward to have chance to cooperate with you in the very near future.

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