PET Outlook Asia Conference To Take A Closer Look At Indonesia’s PET Industry

In light of Indonesia’s promising PET industry and Asia’s leap toward the next growth level, CMT’s PET Outlook Asia conference (Jakarta; August 20-21, 2014) sets out to discuss market trends, key developments and future outlook with a session, ‘Use of PET as Packaging Material on the Food and Beverage Industry in Indonesia.’ To be presented by Rachmat Hidayat, of Lintas Asosiasi Makanan dan Minuman and government relations director of PT Tirta Investama (Danone Aqua), it will shed light on the background, production volume, distribution and plastic packaging demand for food and beverages industry in Indonesia. Indonesia’s PET market will be discussed further in another session on ‘OEM Beverage Filling Business – PET Conversion and Manufacturing Preform in Indonesia’ by M Ikezawa, managing director of PT Hokkan Holdings.

Apart from Indonesia, the conference will also focus on the PET industry in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and China via sessions below:

1. Thailand’s Perspective: ‘Realization of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by 2015 and its Impact on the PET and Beverage Packaging Business’ by Rakesh Singh, director of corporate strategy & operations development for Srithai Superware Public Company Limited

2. ‘Myanmar Ready for More Pet Bottle Conversions – state-of-the-art PET bottling facility for CSD and water’ by Sai Sam Htun, chairman of Loi Hein Group

3. ‘Vietnam’s Perspective: BIDRICO New Products and Future Launches in PET’ by Nguyen Danh Hien, general director of Bidrico

4. ‘PET Outlook in China’ by Zhun Zhenda, general manager of China Resources Chemicals Holdings Ltd.

Other key highlights include:

1. ‘Global PET Outlook, Capacity Expansions and Focus on Asia’ by David Swift, managing director of PCI (PET Packaging, Resin & Recycling)

2. ‘PTA: Feedstock Availability, Pricing Trends’ by Hemal Sanghani, CEO of Arihant Global

3. ‘Convertor’s Experience with a Aseptic Technology for Milk / Milk Based Product in PET’ by Ankit Kedia, director ofManjushree Technopack India

4. ‘Sharing of Experiences on Food Grade PET Recycling and Critical Aspect on Quality’ by Robert Dvorak, technical business development manager for Visy rPLASTICS, Visy Packaging Australia

5. ‘PET bottle Lightweight activities in Southeast Asia’ by Go Kira, deputy manager packaging material development department for Suntory Business Expert Limited

6. ‘Food Grade rPET Sheet Production with the Leading Super-Cleaning Technology’ by Andreas Stoiber, area sales manager Southeast Asia, Starlinger

7. ‘Latest Blowmolding Technology for Sensitive Products’ by a representative for Sidel

The annual event expects to draw geedstock suppliers (PX/PTA/MEG), PET resin producers and suppliers, polyester manufacturers, polymer/petrochemical traders, converters & preform manufacturers, technology providers, recycling companies, bottlers/filler and many others from the PET value chain.

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